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Vitility likes to make your life easier. Even if we don't have a Vitility product for it. Therefor, we have concluded partnerships with several major parties that specialize in their particular product. An overview of the brands that are available in our shop.               

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Leader in non-invasive pain relief.

Buzzy® is used to block the pain associated with the use of hypodermic needles. As with cold running water calms a burn, Buzzy®  uses a patented combination of cold and vibration in order to replace the possible pain and movement due to temperature. Over 20 independent clinical studies prove that Buzzy® works!

Hands-free and pain-free walking with the knee crutch!

End to the pain and discomfort of traditional crutches. Safe, stable and easy to use. The iWALK 2.0 is an obvious choice as compared to conventional crutches. It allows people with a foot or lower leg injury to rehabilitate hands-free and pain-free.


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