Safety in the bathroom

The bathroom is in second place when it comes to domestic fall incidents. That is why Vitility has developed products that can greatly improve the safety of the bathroom.
Bath step
The bathing step makes getting in and out easier and safer. The non-slip surface ensures that people do not slip. The rubber feet on the bottom ensure that the step does not slip.
Bathtub seat - adjustable
A specially designed bathtub seat can make it much easier and less tiring to use the bath. The seat has an aluminum frame and a plastic seat. The seat has a non slip topside and is provided with a hole which allow the drainage of water. Non slip caps prevent slipping of the seat. Vitility also offers bathtub seats with backrest.
Bath mat
The mat prevents slipping when getting in and out of the bath or shower. When in the bath, the bath mat offers more grip, which prevents slipping. The mat has studs on the top, which gives the mat an extra non-slip effect. The underside of the mat is provided with suction cups over the entire surface that prevent the mat from slipping during use.