Personal care

Vitility offers handy aids that make daily personal care easy. There is an extensive selection of products that, among other things, help with washing, applying creams and taking care of nails.

Lotion Applicator
The application aid can be used to easily rub in with (alcohol-free) body lotion or to wash with shower gel. The extended handle makes it possible to reach hard-to-reach places on the body, such as the back or lower legs and feet. The sponge can be replaced separately if it is due for replacement. The handle is equipped with non-slip material.
Bath sponge - bendable
The bath sponge with extended handle ensures that it is easy to wash the entire body, for example even hard-to-reach places such as the back. The soft sponge has a 44.5 cm long handle and is comfortable to use. When the stem is heated, it can be bent to the desired position.
Nail clipper
The nail clipper is equipped with a lever with a spring system, so that the clipper opens automatically after cutting. This improves control over the cutting and requires no force to open the cutter. The anti-slip handle ensures a good grip during cutting.