In and around the bed

A good night’s rest provides a cheerful attitude to life and more energy. Yet about half of all people are dissatisfied with his or her night’s sleep. Vitility has a wide range of useful solutions for more comfort and convenience in and around the bed.

Bed table - adjustable and tiltable
The mobile bed table is a practical and stable solution for working or having breakfast in bed. The table has a tilting top with a fixed edge on the front and back so that things don't fall off.
Bed tray
The bed tray can be used to eat, read and write in bed. There is room on the sides for storing books and magazines. The sides are equipped with handles.
Bed cradle
The blanket bow is a metal frame that prevents the bedding from resting on the legs and feet. The bottom of the metal frame is slid between the mattress and the bed base.