& toilet

Being able to get in and out of the shower and bathtub or getting off the toilet is something people often take for granted. When you’re experiencing physical discomfort, the things above are not as easy to do. However! We like to take away as much discomfort as we can, and make sure that you can live more independently.

Vitility has products for comfort, support, convenience and safety. That’s what we all want. We offer products that you can use for your personal care while you take a shower or a bath. Are you cautious for a slipping danger in your bathing area? We also cover that with our safety products. These products offer the independence that we all desire so much. A fresh start of your day!

Comfort in the bathroom

Vitility has a wide range of products which you can use for your personal care  while you take a shower or a bath.

Safety in the bathroom

The bathroom is the second most common location for accidental falls at home. Vitility therefor has products that can significantly improve safety in the bathroom.

Plaster and bandage protectors

A nice, hot shower is always a refreshing start to the day. But that can be difficult if one of your arms or legs is in plaster or is bandaged. The Vitility plaster and bandage protectors are an ideal solution for this problem. They are available in various sizes, for adults and children.

Personal care

Vitility has products that help with personal care, such as showering, taking care of nails, applying creams and lotions and combing or brushing hair. 

Comfort when using the toilet

Stability and more comfort when going to the toilet is no unnecessary luxury. Toilet raisers, urinals and wall brackets offer more comfort when going to the bathroom.