About Vitility

We make your life easier

We know that not every day is an easy day. But when you experience a day that passes comfortably, life is wonderful. We love those days. And we want more of it. So let today be the start of more easy days!
Vitility makes your life easier since 2008. We do so by thinking of solutions to everyday’s inconveniences. Today we are worlds largest supplier and you can find Vitility products in nearly 50 countries.

From day one we wanted Vitility would be different from other aids of daily living. We wanted to be innovative and look from a positive look, without focusing on restrictions or age. Where others see limitations, we see no limit. And maybe our glass is always half full, but this is how we want it to see. It makes life more positive and better, regardless of age or disability.

Vitility keeps on changing and is always looking for improvements. It is simply not enough to make thoughtful, comfortable products, so that activities can be carried out easily and independently. Thats not happening from one day to another, but we can always try. And that makes life easier and more enjoyable. Every day, throughout the day.

Our Story

Vitility is a family business with a rich history of 40 years in the home care market.

Although the Vitility brand has only existed since 2008, the origins of the organization are much older. More than 40 years ago the basis was laid for what later become Vitility. At the time, it was started to offer aids for people with disabilities. Just like the target group and the vision, the product range has become much wider than it was then. Today, with a dedicated team, Vitility International offers a wide range of products to stores, specialty shops and healthcare professionals in nearly 50 countries. Solutions that make everyday life safer, easier and more comfortable. With this we offer support and convenience to anyone who needs it. And let’s be honest, who can occasionally not use a little support.

Vitility International’s head office is located in Brabant, where products are shipped internationally every day to a broad and diverse respected group of partners and customers.


Comfort and convenience for anyone, anytime, anywhere.


Improving the quality of life, supporting independence and comfort by offering accessible, affordable and quality products. We want to achieve this in close cooperation with a variety of clients and partners who shate the same vision and goals.


By listening to our customers, we bring together our expertise in production and offering a complete portfolio and services, we bring innovation to the market by investing in a fantastic team of people who are dedicated to serving our customers, and the people around them. We like to bring like-minded people together – we share the same goals so that everyone achieves more together.