We are like a popcorn machine

Vitility is part of MIXED.Industries, a holding that includes various brands and organizations. It is our goal to be active in industries where innovation, change and improvement are desirable. We saw the medical approach on the market for ADL products and concluded that this needed a completely different approach.

First rule at Vitility: we don’t sell ADL products! ADL products are old-fashioned, patronizing and too medical. That’s absolutely not how we think of our products. They are useful products that make life easier. All day, every day. Regardless of age.


We like to compare MIXED.Industries to a popcorn machine. We are constantly developing and we know how to make something simple a little (or much) better. We do this with passion and always focused on innovation.

MIXED.Industries is not only the organization behind Vitility but also behind several other brands. We do this with a great team that manages the entire chain from product development to logistics (and everything in between). Find out more, look at our site.